About Shannon Warren

Picture of Shannon WarrenShannon Warren

Founder of Women’s Diversity Initiative


As a former Human Resources executive for the international hospitality, transportation, publishing and energy industries, this award-winning leader has pioneered and facilitated countless diversity workshops. She understands the need for safe sounding boards to coach individuals who desire to broaden their understanding of other cultures and perspectives.

An experienced ally, she has served as an advisor to organizations providing job opportunities for individuals with disabilities as well as leading the initiative in developing a strong network of minority-owned businesses providing professional services.

A trailblazer, Shannon established the Women’s Interfaith Group in 2011. This private, invitation-only group has met every month since that time and fostered relationships that have changed the social fabric of Oklahoma forever. Additionally, she has coached individuals and provided opportunities for peer learning to facilitate greater interracial understanding and unity.

Dedicated to life-long learning, Shannon developed an understanding of the importance of education from her mother – a school teacher. Shannon obtained an undergraduate degree in Secondary Education from OSU and a Masters in Leadership from OCU. Like her father who was a community advocate and highly successful entrepreneur, Shannon applied his affable approach to her own endeavors. Like her parents, Shannon’s true passion is sparked by creating, building and connecting others toward a common goal.

A gifted writer, Shannon’s columns on business ethics and diversity have been circulated hundreds of times.



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