Women’s Diversity Initiative of Oklahoma, LLC

Connecting, collaborating and conversing in a way that unifies and energizes communities, companies and cultures. An experienced CEO who rose from the ranks of the Human Resources field, Shannon Warren understands what it takes to foster cooperation among diverse workforces.

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Referrals to minority-owned professional services and allies. (Attorneys, PR firms, Accountants)

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Private peer groups focused on achieving interracial and interfaith harmony.

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Individualized guidance in achieving positive interracial and interfaith relationships.

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Curated personal introductions to allies and/or minority-owned professional services tailored to your organization’s needs – whether a for-profit corporation or a nonprofit Board.


Leads private peer group discussions focused on sensitive topics such as politics, interracial unity and interfaith dialogue. Recognizing that each of us is in a different stage of learning, these expertly facilitated sessions emphasize grace and authenticity.

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For those uncomfortable in group gatherings, these individualized consulting sessions include assessments designed to detect and eliminate blind spots that may be limiting career potential.

Shannon Warren, Ethics and Diversity Advocate 2021

About Shannon Warren

Founder of Women’s Diversity Initiative


Tackling the tough stuff is Shannon’s specialty. A visionary, she founded and fully dedicated her efforts toward promoting ethics in corporate and academic environments. Under her direction, this nonprofit organization reached a pinnacle of nearly 200 member companies and captured national attention. Accolades, such as those from the Hispanic Chamber and Character Council, were hallmarks of her efforts.

After seventeen years at the helm as Founder and CEO, Shannon decided to re-dedicate her considerable talents and energy to healing gender, racial, political and religious divisions. No stranger to bridging gaps, Shannon’s prior experience includes award-winning endeavors in the field of Human Resources and founder of the Women’s Interfaith Group.

This multi-faceted leader would love to help you achieve your potential in the areas of personal coaching and diversity.

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